15-Minute Full-Body Workout for Lazy People

Holed up in our homes, we sometimes forget to cut down on the number of potato chips or Netflix series we binge on. But you still need to fit into your favorite top. So our advice, binge all you want but burn it down later. Invest just 15 minutes- without going to a gym! You don’t even have to pause your favorite series, exercise while you watch Netflix!


For this, lie flat on your back and place your clasped hands behind your neck for support. This one targets your abs and strengthens your legs. So lift both your legs and place them at a 30-degree angle. Hold for 5 seconds. After this is time for the tough ride. Pull your legs up to a position of 60 degrees and hold for another 5 seconds. Then make an L shape with your legs by making a 90-degree angle. Repeat these steps backwards and complete a whole set. Attempt 4 more sets

Superman Fly

This is an easy exercise that targets your core muscles. For this, lie on your stomach with your arms and legs stretched in opposite directions. Then use your upper back muscles to lift your arms and chest and your glutes to lift up your legs off the ground. Look forward like Superman while performing this. Hold this outstretched position for 5 seconds. Then release slowly and repeat ten times.

‌Alternating Reach Plank

You’ve had enough with the classic plank. Now model it to improve not only your core muscles but also your arm and shoulder muscles with this exercise. To get started, place yourself in the classic plank position. Stretch your feet behind you. Then hold your body up with the help of your arms, fully stretched. After this take one arm and extend it all the way out as if reaching for something, while balancing your body on the other hand. Hold for 5 seconds then try the same with the other arm.

Donkey Kick Planks

This other variation of a classic plank works especially on your legs, improves your backside, and reduces belly fat. For this, position yourself for a forearm plank, with your elbows in line with your shoulders. Then lift your lower body by balancing on your toes. After this, lift one leg and bend that knee, then lift it further so that it looks like a donkey trying to kick the ceiling. Repeat this 10 times and switch legs.


The focus of this exercise is mainly on your hips and pelvis. To begin, lie turning on your right side, with your right arm placed below your head as a support, and your knees and hips packed together. Bend your knees and pull them up closer to your stomach, so that your feet and your hips are in a straight line. Now keeping your right hip and torso in place, lift up the left knee as much as possible. This will remind you of a clamshell opening, as the name suggests. Now, return the knee to the initial position, and repeat this 20 times. Try this again by lying on your left side.

Aim for 3 rounds of these daily and don’t let extra calories nest in your body.