5 Exercises, 50 Pounds To Lose? Try These Exercises

If you have 50 pounds to lose, and not much time in hand, try these exercises. The exercises are extremely simple, and won’t need much supervision doing. Also, you don’t need a whole host of equipment!

What You Need

A chair, as well as a couple of dumbbells.


Every exercise needs to be done for the duration of 40 seconds, with 20 seconds resting period. Keep repeating for 15 minutes, and do it thrice a week.


Advanced – 12 lb

Intermediate- 8 to 10 lb

Beginner- 3 to 5 lb

Sit and Stand

Sit down straight on the chair, having your thighs parallel to the ground. Your feet must be flat on the ground. Then contract your glutes and your abs as you stand up. Then sit down and carry out another rep.

Seated Dumbbell Press

Sit on the chair at an angle, so that you get the support of the backrest, resting on your shoulders. Then push the dumbbell at the angle your body is at, straight before you. Finally, return it back to your initial position.

Pull press

For this exercise, stand straight first. Then extend your feet wide as your hip, incline your back, and extend your dumbbell before you, towards the ground, while contracting your abs. Then, pull them back, while contracting your glutes and triceps.

Glute Squeeze (Standing)

Stand behind a chair, while holding the backrest with the hands. Then, contract your glutes, and stretch one of your legs behind you. Bring it back to your initial position, after keeping it for the duration of 20 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.

Ab Twists (Seated)

Sit on a chair. Keep your hands locked behind your head. Now, lift your right knee, and touch it with your left elbow, while contracting your abs. Repeat with the other side. When touching your knee, remember to crunch forward.

Do these for the stipulated period of time, and you would enjoy the results.