6 Exercises To A Strong And Shapely Butt

We all would love to have the fabulous body of a Greek god. But a barrier to working out and achieving that well-sculpted look is that we seldom can do it in any place we like. It is either the lack of equipment or the absence of a suitable space that proves a hindrance. But here is a set of 6 freehand exercises that have been specially designed to tone your butt and you surely can do it anywhere.

1. Do The Glute Bridge For Flexible Hips

Lie flat on the floor facing upward. Bend your knees until the feet are placed flat on the ground. Keep your arms at your side, palms facing up. Form a straight line from your shoulder to your knees. Now lift one knee at a time until it touches the chest. Hold your bridged position for a few seconds and then ease back down. Remember to keep your body straight from the neck down to the knees.

2. Rotating Exercise – Flex, Extend, Rotate And Bend

Start from a push-up stance and keep your arms straight and perpendicular. To begin with, your body should be at an angle and your toes should touch the ground. Now transfer your weight to one arm and rotate and raise it upwards. When in this position your body will form a perfect T. Return to the original position after three seconds and repeat with the other arm.

3. Reverse Lunge- A Big Step Back For Strong Thighs

Start by standing straight with the legs a few inches apart. Stand akimbo. Pull back your left leg and then lower yourself into a lunge position. Your left leg should touch the ground and your leading leg should be at a right angle. Repeat the process with the other leg. Keep your torso upright throughout the movement.

4. Curtsy Lunge – The Behind-The-Leg Crossing Motion

Stand straight as in the previous exercise. Keep your back flat and your core engaged. But here place both hands together on your chest. Pull back your right leg and place it immediately behind the left leg as in a curtsy. Bring down your body until the front knees are at an angle of 90 degrees. The right leg should hover just above the floor. Begin with a shallow lunge and then progress. Repeat with the other leg.

5. Squat Jacks – Redefine Your Strength

Stand with your legs a little apart at hip-width. Hold your hands together at chest-level. Lower your body, till the knees are folded at a right angle. Jump explosively outwards and then quickly jump back to the starting position.

6. Lateral Lunge – This Classic Side Lunge Increases Your Strength, Balance, And Coordination

Your feet should be placed apart at hip-width. Place both hands on your chest as in a prayer. Take a big step sideways with your right foot even as you fold your hip backward. Stay at that position for a moment and then return to starting position. Repeat with the other leg.

So if you want to retain that closet full of skinny jeans and miniskirts, focus more than ever on these exercises to lift, tighten, and shape your behind. The shapely, sculpted and defined butt is yours for the asking.