7 Exercises For The Belly That You Can Do At Your Office

In this century when everything and everyone is too busy trying to make money, we often neglect our own health. And while money can buy you happiness up to a certain level, it can never buy you health.

So, as you are sitting on your chair reading this, here are 7 exercises that you should do in order to get rid of that belly that’s been troubling you for long.

1.Single Knee To Chest

Sit on your chair at a 90-degree angle without touching your back with chair support while keeping your legs on the floor. Then, raise your knee towardsthe chest, while keeping your thighs and calves at a perpendicular angle. If you need help, use your hands to support your shin. Alternate between legsfifteen times each, and after a few weeks of it, you will be strong in your core.

2. Double Knee Lift To Chest

It would be the same exercise position as above, but your legs would be a bit inclined, so as to not touch the ground. Also, instead of alternating between legs, raise both of your legs at the same time, and release them softly.10-20 reps are enough. Work those muscles in your belly.

3. Double Knee Lift With Side Bending

For this exercise, make sure the chair is sturdy. First, grip on to the sides of your chair with your hands, and incline your body in a V shape. Next, lift your knees to your chest, while bending your body side to side. Or you could first bend to your right (or left), and then lift your knees to the chest. Do the same by shifting the side. 10-20 reps. Bring the fat from your sides to shape.

4. Elbow ToKnee Lifts

It is the basic sit-up, done on a chair. Sit straight and keep your hands behind your head. Now, raise your left knee, and lower your right elbow, while trying to touch them both with each other. Contract your core as you do it. Then return to the initial position slowly, and repeat the same on the other side. 15-20 reps.

5. Toe Touches

Extend your arms to the sides, and keep them straight. Sit perpendicularly, with your legs shoulder length apart, and try touching your feet by bending down and reaching out with your hands. So, your right hand would touch your left leg, and vice versa. Keep contracting your core while you do it. Burn that fat on your glutes and side.15-20 reps.



Stand besidethe chair, and grip it for support. Keep the other hand behind your head, with your elbow pointed towards your side. Now, raise the same side leg while bending at the knee, so that your heel might touch your butt. Then, try touching your heel with your elbow. Repeat this with your other side too.15reps, at least.

7. Full Body Lifts

This would help with your shoulders, back and tummy. Grip on to the chair beneath your thighs, and make sure it doesn’t slip or slide. Now, elevate your body, while supporting yourself on your hands. Bring your knees up to your stomach if you can. Now, you can either hold that position for about fifteen seconds, or you can repeat the motion again and again for at least, four times.

Do these exercises and feel the change in your body.