Do Away With The Pain In Your Hip, Foot Or Knee With This Set Of 5 Exercises

Knee, foot, or hip pain afflicts a quarter of the Americans. And there is a significant relationship between all three. The interaction between the three is a sort of kinetic chain. The body’s joints and segments have an effect on one another. For instance, if the foot loses its ability to absorb shock, it will definitely affect the knees and the hip. A few exercises can help alleviate the pain and make you feel fitter and better.

Raise Your Heels

Standing Heel Raises is an effective exercise for developing the mass of the calves. This exercise primarily acts upon the muscles surrounding the knees and also strengthens the ankles. It also strengthens your hips and improves your balance.

The Position And The Exercise

Hold onto a chair or counter for support. Rise up on your toes with your knees straight and your body tall or erect. Slowly lower down onto your heels and repeat. You can also try it one foot at a time for better results. Do it 15 times for each leg.

Toe Walking

It is an exercise that concentrates on the balls and toes of your feet. It also gives strength to your calves.

The Position And The Exercise

It is a simple exercise. All you need to do is walk around standing on your toes for anytime between 5 and 15 minutes. This exercise combats the natural aging process by building muscle and boosting strength and sharpening your balancing skills.

Ankle Circles

T his exercise is for your ankles. Stiffness in the ankles can affect the complete leg. It also loosens the muscles and tendons in the leg and the joint around the foot. A few times every week can improve flexibility, increase your range of motion and ease the strain of walking or standing.

The Position And The Exercise

Sit on a chair and slowly raise one leg. Start by turning your ankle slowly in circles to the left, then onto the right. Keep your movements small and focus only on the use of your foot and ankle, not your entire leg. Repeat the process one time in each direction with each foot.

Toe Games

As the foundation of the body, it is vital that we keep toe muscles strong. With just a few simple exercises your toes can become stronger and more flexible. It allows you to run, jump, dance and feel better than ever before.

The Position And The Exercise

Lift different objects from the ground like a towel or small pebbles and using your toes, put them in a basket, after holding them afloat for at least six seconds. You can do this exercise while watching television, reading or even working.

Walking On Balls

It is a simple exercise that acts upon and relaxes the balls of the feet.

The Position And The Exercise

Take a tennis ball as you sit on a chair. Step on the ball with one foot and start rolling it to and fro. This back and front movement should continue for around 5 minutes for each foot. Enjoy the massage.

We are sure that you will try these simple exercises to stay healthy and pain-free. They are sure to relax your feet and strengthen your lower-back after a few days.