Fat Storing to Fat Burning: Speed Up Your Weight loss By Identifying The Following Problems In Your Body

There are certain times when people complain about not losing fat even when they try. They have kept the proper diet and on top of that, they are doing intensive exercises for hours and days. But nothing really works. If you are in such a situation, you must understand that our bodies are not as easy as it appears.

There are a lot of things that happen in our body and it is, in fact, a complex mechanism. When nothing seems to be working, then we should take a look at our digestive system. Maybe the increase in our weight takes place because we are not burning up the food properly when it stays in our stomach and intestines. That’s why we need to understand how they work:

1.  Livers

Livers has a lot of duties to do when it comes to digestion. It secretes important digestive juices and helps in burning of the food. So, when it accumulates a lot of toxins, the problems with weight starts. It fails to keep up with its functions and that affects the entire process of digestion.

Since liver help in metabolism too, it can have a major effect on how we burn fat. All you have to do is get rid of the toxins that the liver has accumulated so that you can bring the metabolism back to its former start. Avoid sweet foods and liquor to see the change happening.

2. Thyroid

Thyroid brings about hormonal changes in our body. Hormones are powerful chemicals and any subtle changes in your hormone levels are bound to affect how the weight gets distributed in your body. There can be several reasons why thyroid glands get overactive – some of the major ones being stress and lack of sleep. Try to reduce stress but this is a serious problem – go to a specialist for proper diagnosis.

3. Muscle Mass

Proper exercise is necessary to lose fat, and by proper exercises, we mean proper variation. While it is said that cardio will help you lose weight, that is not enough.

You need to gain muscle mass too, so that your metabolism rate increases and your fat gets distributed just right. So, change your exercise routine and add weight training to it.

4. Adrenal Glands

When you put excessive focus in your adrenal organs, they will start to function improperly. The reason is that stress can affect the body terribly. It is always best to get rid of stress fast but first, you need to identify what is causing it. Once you identify your stress factor, try to reduce it so that your adrenal glands start working properly again.

5. Full Body Reset

There can be many other reasons for which your body is not getting back to its original state of health. Now, it’s time to use trial and error to find out what is affecting your body. Go for a complete reset. Take a lot of rest too, if you need it.

Make sure your body organs are working as a team. Only then can you finally lose that extra weight.