Here Are Some Quick Pool Exercises For Easy Weight Loss

Let’s admit it- weight loss isn’t an easy task. It takes patience, perseverance, dedication, and determination. You may have tried multiple crash diets and failed miserably each time. You have bought great walking shoes and a beautiful yoga mat. But what you need to lose those extra pounds is a proper plan!

Not everyone has the same kind of flexibility or interest. While yoga can work out just fine for your best friend, it may not excite you enough. The key is to find a routine that suits your taste and does not take up much time. Swimming is a great cardio and muscular exercise. If you are a water baby, this super-easy pool workout is your best option. What’s more, it’ll just take fifteen minutes of your time! Here’s how you are to do it:

1. Prep Your Body

This will literally take two minutes. Warm-up is an important step as it’ll help your body loosen up a little. Raise your hands and swing them back and forth while you walk in the shallower part of the pool.

2. Spot Jogging

Again, this step too will just take two minutes. Don’t worry; you won’t have to run around in the pool. You only have to lift your knees up and jog in the same place. Your knees should ideally rise out of the water for the maximum impact.

3. Hopping

After spot jogging, get your legs together and hop from one side to the other. Do this exercise for two minutes in the same place as you jogged.

4. Squatting

Okay, this one is a little difficult. Squat with your head outside the water and jump while you lift your arms up in the air. Squat jump for two minutes but don’t exert your muscles too much.

5. Kicking

Grab the edge of the pool while you float on your stomach, and start kicking just like you did in your initial swimming lessons. Maintain the same pace for two minutes.

6. Bicycling

Rest your back on the boundary of the pool, extend your arms towards the edge, and let your legs float. Then do a paddling motion for two minutes.

7. Crunches

Instead of paddling, now you need to stretch your legs and pull them up to your chest to do crunches. In and out your legs go to work on your core. Keep the same pace for two minutes.

8. Relax

Cool your muscles by walking slowly in that shallow area of the pool.

This routine will not only help you lose excess body weight but also strengthen your muscles. Try increasing the time as you feel your body is ready.

Swimmers can try doing the same exercises while they swim around the pool. It will further increase your cardiovascular endurance. Happy swimming!